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About Fishing the Naugatuck River

In the 40 mile length of the Naugatuck River there are sections which are designated Trophy Trout, Trout Management, Brookstock Atlantic Salmon and Tidal Waters. Detailed information about each section and its regulation are in the current DEEP Angler’s Guide. The following is an overview of the sections from North to South.
  • From the confluence of the East and West branches to Route 118 (Trophy Trout) – 2.8 miles
  • From Route 118 to the Thomaston Dam (Trout Management Area) – 6.3 miles
  • From the Thomaston Dam to the Kinneytown Dam (Trophy Trout) – 26.4 miles
  • From the Kinneytown Dam to the confluence of the Housatonic River (Tidal Water) – 4.2 miles
Fishing on the Naugatuck River Beacon Falls (Courtesy of NVCOG)

Photo courtesy of the NVCOG

Fishing on the Naugatuck River Beacon Falls.

Broodstock Atlantic Salmon

Broodstock Atlantic Salmon fishing allowed during the salmon season for the entire length of the main stem of the Naugatuck River.

Salmon are stocked from Route 118 (Litchfield and Harwinton) to the Thomaston Dam (6.3 miles) and from Prospect Street (Naugatuck) downstream to Pines Bridge Road/Route 42 bridge (6.3 miles) in Beacon Falls.

Salmon caught in the Naugatuck River
Fishing guide Jeff Yates with an Atlantic Salmon caught while fly fishing on the Naugtuck River.