Popular Paddling Access Points

Listed from the north to south


Please observe the cautionary notes below and make sure to always scout your paddle route before you head out. Always wear proper safety devices (i.e. personal floatation device, helmet, and whistle) and never attempt sections above your experience and skill level. Read this article in the Waterbury Observer to learn more about the dangers of paddling unprepared. If you do not have experience paddling, but would like to kayak or canoe the river, contact a local paddling outfitter.


Access is located at Platt Park located at the north end of Platts Mill Road at the intersection with South Main Street. (This access point is also the start of the annual Naugatuck Valley River Race.) Abundant parking is available on both sides of Platts Mills Road. A dirt parking lot is available at 191 Platts Mill Road. This a good location to park your return vehicle if paddling down from Thomaston.

CAUTION: From upstream, the Platt Park pull-out point is easily missed while paddling. To avoid missing this pull-out, stay towards the left bank as you head downstream and look for the Waterbury Treatment Plant, which is located on the opposite side of the river from the access point.

DANGER: The Platt Park access point is located just above a breached dam and rapids. Putting in here and paddling downstream can be dangerous depending on flow conditions. Always scout the river conditions downstream of this access point from land before paddling through.


Two access points are available in Naugatuck. The first put-in/pull-out area is located at Linden Park, located off of Route 8 at Exit 27. The second access is at Breen Field, located off of Route 63, next to Napa Auto Parts.

CAUTION: Paddlers entering the river at the Breen Field access should be prepared for light rapids downstream from this section into Beacon Falls.Always scout the river conditions downstream of this access point from land before paddling through.

Beacon Falls

Two access points are available in Beacon Falls. Access is available fromVeteran’s Park located next to the Fire Department on Main Street. Access is also available from Railroad Avenue, under the green bridge. (Parking for the Railroad Avenue access point is available at the Beacon Falls train station.)

SEVERE DANGER: The Tingue Dam in Seymour is a major dam which supports a road overpass and extends across the river. Paddlers are not able to paddle over the dam; severe injury and death are risked if attempted. If paddling downstream from the Green Bridge access point through Seymour, please make plans to exit the river and portage around the dam before continuing downstream.


Access is available from Seymour downstream of the Tingue Dam, located off of Route 8. Many paddlers that enter here paddle down to the confluence with the Housatonic River at O’Sullivan’s Island in Derby.

CAUTION: The Naugatuck River is tidal for the last mile of your paddle before you reach the O’Sullivan’s Island pull-out in Derby. Please check tide charts and wind conditions before paddling.


Derby marks the mouth and southernmost portion of the Naugatuck River. Access is available from the Caroline Street entrance to O’Sullivan’s Island Recreation Park (see Derby Greenway access notes below). Paddlers can continue their journey south along the Housatonic River for an extended paddle.

CAUTION: The Naugatuck River is tidal at the O’Sullivan’s Island Recreation Park access point in Derby. Please check tide charts and wind conditions before paddling.