Species of Fish

Species of Fish Found in the Naugatuck River

List of fish found in the Naugatuck River Main Stem and East and West Branches compiled by Bob Gregorski (Fall 2009) with data from DEP Fisheries Biologists Neal Hagstrom & Tim Wildman. Reviewed by DEP Fisheries Biologists Tim Barry, Mike Humphreys and Ed Machowski


List of Species

Alewife* American Eel American Shad*
Atlantic Salmon* Banded Killifish Black Crappie
Blacknose Dace Blueback Herring* Bluegill
Brook Trout Brown Bullhead Brown Trout
Chain Pickerel Channel Catfish Common Carp
Common Shiner Creek Chub Cutlips Minnow
Fallfish Fathead Minnow Gizzard Shad
Golden Shiner Inland Silverside Largemouth Bass
Longnose Dace Pumpkinseed Sunfish Rainbow Trout
Redbreast Sunfish Rockbass Sea Lamprey
Sea-Run Brown Trout Smallmouth Bass Spottail Shiner
Striped Bass Tessellated Darter Tiger Trout
Walleye White Catfish White Perch
White Sucker Yellow Bullhead Yellow Perch

* indicates species stocked by CT DEEP


Please consult the CT Angler’s Guide for the current fishing regulations and guidelines issued by the State of Connecticut.